Filling your cup as a new parent can be challenging at the best of times. But now in the face of ever-changing restrictions and concerns about illness at the front of our minds, the thought of interacting can feel overwhelming. After all, your new, tiny person depends on you to stay safe and well.

Despite this, people are social at heart, and our villages are more important than ever as we do our best to adapt every day and come out the other end of parenting through a pandemic.

The tips below might help you wrap your head around socialising as a new parent, but it's also important to stick within your own comfort levels as you navigate these big changes in your life. Importantly, be kind to yourself and respect your needs, whatever that looks like.

Invite loved ones into your parenting world

You may not have a lot of baby-free time in the early years of parenting, so consider involving socialising as part of your parenting. Invite a loved one over to chat while you supervise tummy time, to read some stories to your little one together, or come for a walk with you and bub.

Plan ahead

Once you have a routine going, you may be able to predict when you’ll be available for a catch-up. Maybe your little one is used to having some quiet time at a particular time of day, and you can organise to meet with a friend at a café, for example.

Your routine can be unpredictable at times, so you may like to let your loved one know that you are looking forward to your plans, but if something comes up with your little one, you may need to reschedule – that’s ok.

Choose activities everyone can enjoy

Your friends may or may not be up for hanging out while you change a nappy, but try to choose an appropriate activity for you, baby, and visitors alike. Maybe you could all enjoy a trip to the park together, a walk around, or watching a movie while your little one plays or rests nearby.

As long as your baby is safe and you can supervise them, there are still many baby and adult-friendly activities to share.

One-stop shop

Depending on your energy levels, you may enjoy organising to have many loved ones in one place at the same time. A potluck dinner where every guest brings a dish can make prep and clean up a bit simpler and reduce the mental load of hosting an event. You could also consider lining up people to help with any packing up at the end of the night.

Hosting might feel overwhelming but it can be handy because you’ve got everything your baby might need, and you can duck off to put them to bed if your guests would like to stick around for a little longer.


Finding a babysitter you can trust is a great way to free up some time for yourself. You may wish to set up a regular night to have a date night with your partner or go to a friend’s house.

Even inviting family over to cuddle with your little one is a good way to free up your hands and have some time to sit back or get tasks done around the house while you chat with a loved one, and they enjoy some baby time!

Social groups

Local parenting groups can be a great way to meet new adults who can relate to your experience. You may make some great friends here.

Chatting with other parents at the park could lead to some friendships or just some nice social interactions now and then.

Once your little one starts childcare, take some time to chat with other parents at pick-up time – these could be nice catch-ups throughout the week, or you may hit it off and start catching up at other times.

Stay connected

If you feel isolated as a new parent, take some time to reach out. You can contact PANDA or Beyond Blue for support.

When you are very busy, it might be nice to give a loved one a quick call or just to touch base with another adult. While bonding time with your baby is the best, you deserve some friends and family time too!