What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

By week 11 your baby will be between 4 and 6cm in length, about the size of an egg – it’s come a long way fast! Its facial bones are fully formed and many of the other critical stages of development are almost complete. It is now starting to resemble a miniature human.

The refinements that will continue over the coming weeks continue, including the formation of fingernails, muscles, nerve endings and even hair. Its arms are long enough that its hands can reach out and touch its tiny face, although you probably still can’t feel these movements.

What’s happening to me?

You might start to notice that your pregnancy symptoms are subsiding, although some of these, like nausea, can still linger. If you are still having pronounced troubles with food and nausea, you may have hyperemesis gravidarum and should speak to a professional.

Your weight gain will increase, however, and you might also notice the appearance of a dark line between your pelvis and bully button. This is called the linea nigra and is a harmless and common symptom of pregnancy. To minimise its appearance, keep it covered from the sun or apply sunscreen to your stomach when its exposed.

Foot and leg cramps might start to occur, even while sleeping, so keep up your fluids and consider light leg exercise or stretches to help counteract these.