What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

Now in the second trimester, your baby is entering a stage of consolidation. It will develop complexity as it approaches maturity and being able to support itself outside the womb. A fine down of hair covers your baby now, protecting it from drying out in the amniotic fluid, and the bulge of a penis might be detectable by ultrasound.

Your baby is now moving quite vigorously and will practice its movements by swimming around in your uterus. Fingerprints are forming on the tips of those tiny hands and the key parts of your baby’s face are arranging themselves in a more recognisable pattern. By this stage, your baby is over 7cm long.

What’s happening to me?

By week 13 most of the unpleasant symptoms of early pregnancy have passed. You might even feel an increased sex drive. This is completely normal, and you can continue to have sex safely unless advised against by a doctor.

Some vaginal discharge is common and this milky substance, called leukorrhea, is a natural defence mechanism against vaginal infection. Prefer pads over tampons, however, as these can increase the risk of infection, and see a doctor if you develop a rash or prolonged discomfort.