What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

Your rapidly growing baby is somewhere between 8 and 9cm now and continues to look more and more like a grown up. Toenails are forming and this flexible little foetus can even reach down and touch them.

Hair can start to form on the scalp and fat stores build in the body. Your baby’s immune system is kicking in too and will be critical for fighting off disease in the weeks, months and years to come. Your baby is even swallowing amniotic fluid, which it will pass out as urine.

What’s happening to me?

Your baby bump might begin to show now, although it could still be mistaken for a protruding belly. However, your breasts are starting to generate colostrum – the nutrient-rich substance that nourishes your newborn baby in its first few days outside.

You might also feel a strange tightness in your lower abdomen and pelvis as your ligaments stretch to accommodate the growing foetus and prepare for birth.

With the advice of medical professionals, many women can continue an active lifestyle during this period. But it’s a good idea to avoid any high impact sports or activities which could affect your pregnancy.