What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

As your baby develops, it will continue to put on weight and build fat stores, but if you saw it in the flesh it would look like a little wrinkled old man! Your baby continues to grow tall too and is by now about 12cm in length. Limbs are more or less in proportion and will now grow at a constant rate.

Your baby’s movements will grow stronger, and these feel like butterflies or indigestion in your stomach. Sometimes they can be forceful enough to wake you from sleep.

Internally, your baby’s systems are maturing and its heartbeat may not be so fast anymore. And if the foetus is female, it will start to produce its own eggs for future pregnancy – isn’t that a thought!

What’s happening to me?

Your expanding uterus will continue to cause pain as the ligaments stretch within your pelvis. Many women are advised to sleep on their left side to manage the effects of pregnancy on their sore muscles. Strange dreams are often reported during these weeks, and this could be a result of hormones, sleep disruption or a combination of both.

Make sure you’re getting enough good quality, healthy food because your baby is developing quite an appetite!