What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

Your baby is doing a lot of sleeping now, conserving as much of its energy as it can for growth. And good thing too: measuring around 19-20cm from the top of its head to bottom, your baby’s doing a whole lot of growing.

Its brain, too, is rapidly expanding, accumulating millions and millions of brain cells to accommodate all the learning ahead in its next few years.

The transparent skin is starting to resemble normal skin, and its wrinkly form comes in handy for all the moving and stretching your baby is doing.

What’s happening to me?

Your bump will be prominent now, and maternity clothes are a must to accommodate this. You should also try to make yourself comfortable when lying down as it is now quite awkward with the expanding bump. Don’t worry if you’re feeling extra clumsy; it’s tough to adjust to your changing centre of gravity. Be mindful of this in any activity and consider wearing comfortable, supportive footwear.

Some women experience leaking nipples by week 22, which might be a consideration when choosing maternity bras.