What to expect

What’s happening to me?

Around this time your baby will start to develop some colour in their eyes. Most babies are born with blue eyes, but remember: eye colour was more or less determined at conception. These blue eyes will probably change, and their lifetime eye colour will develop in the weeks that follow birth.

Hair colour too will start to set in, although it’s common for this to change in the months after a birth and even at some point in childhood or as adolescence sets in.

Internally, your baby’s systems are maturing but, while more or less formed, they are not yet ready to take on the heavy lifting outside you. While their brains are currently smooth and underdeveloped, they will soon start to develop the folds and divots that we often see in images of human brains.

What’s happening to my baby?

While your baby is undergoing all this critical development, mums are doing it tough on the outside. The growing foetus is putting pressure on your bowels, and you may experience indigestion, constipation and haemorrhoids. By now the baby bump is restricting your movement, and bending over from the waist is becoming increasingly difficult. If you have been advised to exercise, however, there is still plenty of activity you can do to stay fit and healthy.