What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

At week 33, your baby is making some serious refinements now. Their skeleton – though still relatively soft – is hardening, although their skull will remain incomplete until after birth to ease their passage through the vaginal canal.

Your baby might now measure 48cm from head to toe and can be as heavy as 2.5kg. They are now starting to curl up into a ball as room gets tighter inside your womb.

What’s happening to me?

If they haven’t already, many women are now thinking about the major changes they will need to make around the home to accommodate the baby. Although it is great peace of mind to be prepared, just remember that your baby won’t be crawling until after they are six months old and won’t be taking their first steps until they are around 12 months old.

Sleep continues to be difficult, with a combination of hormones, difficult sleeping positions and hundreds of thoughts running through your head. So whenever you can, try to catch a few winks. Strategies like eating well, avoiding caffeine and even having sex can all help contribute to more and better quality sleep.