What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

Although any growth in your baby’s height or length is slowing considerably – compared to earlier weeks – your baby is now putting on weight at a rate of around 200-250g per week. This is the last week in which childbirth would be considered premature.

What’s happening to me?

As your baby makes its way down towards your pelvis, you may feel that your breathlessness is (thankfully) diminishing, although this now returns the pressure to your bladder and bowels!

You might also notice an increase in back and hip pain, which you can continue to manage with sleeping pillows and light stretching and prenatal exercise. Thankfully, you’re in the home stretch.

There’s an ever-increasing chance of going into labour in these last weeks, so be sure your birth- and hospital plans are ready. Your midwife or specialist will be discussing the symptoms to watch out for in case your labour comes on before your due date.

Because of the increased chance of labour, many women who have been working long into their pregnancy consider stopping now. Not only that, but your growing belly can make things that were previously taken for granted particularly difficult.