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What's Your Baby Buying Style?

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From those who have everything ticked off a physical list before the end of the second trimester, to those who are ordering a cot online in week 37, the right way to prepare for your baby's arrival is the way that works for you. While there are many ways to do this, we've brought together four baby buying personalities we see out and about – is your shopping style on the list?

Relaxed Rachel

You're laid back about your items and generally go with the flow. You're not shy of second-hand products as long as your little one will be safe and comfy.

Strict schedules and planning too far ahead aren't really your style. You can be spontaneous and are likely to be found out and about, so the right pram will be by your side a lot.

Your top buy: The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo

Versatile and manoeuvrable, this pram is as ready for an adventure as you are! Compatible with several capsules, you can choose the travel system pieces that you like best. You can use it as a bassinet or a toddler seat or both at once and still fit through most doorways – simply choose today’s configuration and stroll on. We know you’re not deterred by a bit of rain, and your parenting journey calls for outings no matter the weather, so you’ll appreciate the rain cover and sun canopy. The Duo is designed for a growing family, so if your spontaneity leads to bub #2, you won’t be left high and dry needing a new pram.

Planner Penelope

You've got every detail sorted, from the types of nappies you need to the baby shampoo you'll use and the bedtime stories you'll read. It's unlikely you'll be caught short through the newborn years (but never say never when it comes to parenting!). You're well-prepped for that first stage of life so you can afford to look ahead to that next phase – toddler feeding!

Your top buy: Plum feeding range

From baby-led weaning to toddler self-feeding, the Plum range can help minimise mess and encourage independence at mealtimes. Discover innovative features such as powerful suction bases to reduce spills and plates with engaging animal designs that section out foods. With silicone and bamboo designs, the range is easy to keep clean and tactile for your toddler to interact with.

Free-thinker Felicity

You believe in the power of imagination. You'll probably enjoy plenty of free play alongside your little one and enjoy connecting with your inner child. Storytime will likely be accompanied by lots of voices. You'll love watching your little one find their groove through all stages of life.

Your top buy: Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing & Rocker (Spruce)

While your small person is little, changing vantage points can help stimulate their mind. Adding an extra spot in your home for relaxation and connection never goes astray!

With 6 automatic swing speeds and 2 position recline for swaying motion in 3 directions, this swing enables you to get close up and personal with your little one so you can read, make faces, or tickle their tiny toes. And for those moments where you might need a minute to take a breath – or a shower – you can calm your little one with gentle vibrations or keep them engaged with plush toys, music and smartphone connectivity, all while the 180-degree spin seat lets you both keep a loving eye on each other.

Minimalist Maddy

You know exactly what you want for your family – comfort, safety, the essentials and not much clutter or fuss! Your aesthetic is classic and simple, and your nursery will probably be organised and elegant (until you've got a toddler on your hands, at least!).

Your top buy: Tasman Eco Capri Cot

A sleeping space is an essential for babies, so instead of having to switch and change as they grow, consider investing in a cot and mattress that can last them through to the toddler years (and then beyond as a child's sofa!). This sturdy and elegant sleeping solution can become a beloved feature of your family home well beyond when your little one is in their first bed.

Is your baby buying style reflected in the profiles above? Or do you consider your style completely different? Let us know in the comments of our social channels – we’d love to hear what your approach to baby shopping is!

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