I have learnt a lot since Snez and I first got together but without doubt the biggest discovery that I have made is that as an extremely dedicated (former) single mum, she is incredibly reluctant to put her needs first. Through Snez & many of the amazing mums in my 28 program, I have had an incredible insight into just how many mums spend so much of their lives going above and beyond, doing anything and everything for others and often not leaving any time to do something just for them.

When I first broached the subject with Snez, I’d go as far to say that she was in denial. I think that when you’re so used to doing things on your own, it just becomes a habit. When I realized this, it became an immediate priority of mine to then ensure that she knew that not only was she supported, but that it was more than ok for her to take some ‘me time’ without feeling guilty or even resentful. This was something that I don’t think I would have properly understood if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand. It gave me such a powerful of awareness of how so many mums, not just single ones, put so much pressure on themselves to do everything for everyone around them. In my experience working with thousands of mums, I often have to explain that putting yourself first doesn’t make you a bad mum- it makes you a better one. 

Your phone won’t work if it isn’t recharged, so why should your mind & body?
Taking some time out for you can help in so many areas of life. You have more energy, you are less irritated, you improve your self-esteem, spend more time with your friends, indulge a new hobby, start a passion project… When you give some time back to yourself, the ones you love don’t suffer. They benefit. Why? They are experiencing a better version of you.

As a mum, you want your partner, friends, family & loved ones to feel good. So why wouldn’t they want the same for you? The best gift you can give to those around you is a happy & healthy you.