Making a human is hard work! Your body is undergoing many metabolic processes to get everything just right – and all that extra effort can be exhausting. One question we hear all the time is, “I’m so tired, how can I possibly get any exercise done, let alone stay awake through the afternoon?”

If you’re in your first trimester, the end of the deep fatigue should hopefully be in sight. The second trimester usually brings a “second wind” and you might even be able to stay up late enough to finish watching your latest Netflix series! Make the most of the second-trimester energy, because as you reach about 30 weeks of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel physically drained at the end of the day. During this time, factor in a rest before heading out, or get your workouts done early in the day so you can tick it off before you feel like it’s all too hard.

Well done on prioritising your health and wellbeing during this incredibly special time. Pregnancy is often a time when we are willing to change our habits to ensure we are getting the best for our little ones. Harness this opportunity, and remember every workout and healthy meal is not only helping bub, but you too! Less alcohol, less coffee, better food choices – it’s like a health retreat for 9 months!

The best thing about the 28 by Sam Wood pregnancy program is that you don’t have to think – you just have to press play. We have done the hard yards to make sure the exercises are safe and effective, and all you have to do is start. Some days, even if you really feel exhausted, just tell yourself you’ll do the first round only. That’s only 7 minutes. Before you know it you will have pumped out the whole session and be high-fiving yourself.

Balance your enthusiasm with realism though, and if you are feeling really exhausted, focus on getting to bed early, turning your screens off at least an hour before bed, and perhaps try a sleep meditation or a gentle restorative yoga session instead of your regular workout. A guided sleep story may also help – hopefully, you won’t be awake by the end of it!

You know your own body best, and you know when to push and when to pull back. You’ll soon discover that exercise actually gives you more energy, and you know how great it feels when you nail a workout or try a new healthy recipe that you were initially not inspired to do. Keep in mind that you always need to listen to your body, and if you really need to skip a workout, aim for a walk outside instead.

Most of all, be kind to yourself, and enjoy this magical time of creating a human.

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