Toddlers have lots to learn and explore, so it's natural for them to be full of energy. But if you're stuck inside for the day, finding ways to channel all this enthusiasm can seem a little more challenging. To help you bust all that seemingly endless energy, here a few easy, enjoyable activities to play at home!

Freeze dance. Play some favourite dance tunes and encourage your little one to boogie until the music stops, where they then must freeze and hold their position. Not only is this super easy for parents to pull off, but it also gets your little one off the couch, brushing up on their listening skills and likely laughing up a storm!

Book workout. On a few pieces of paper, write out a bunch of simple exercises (like star jumps or toe touches) and place them in a hat or bowl. Then, choose a book that has a frequently repeated word or name. Every time this word comes up in the story, pick out an exercise and encourage your little one to carry it out. If you can match their energy, feel free to join in!

Active Jenga. Similar to the activity above, this game requires you to write (preferably in pencil) simple moves, actions and exercises on Jenga blocks. Set up the tower as usual, and every time your little one pulls out a block, they must carry out the action written. You could even get creative and add some curveballs, like 'sing the alphabet song' or 'act out your favourite TV character'. If your toddler knocks over the tower, they have to make up a silly dance move!

Balloon volleyball. Clear a safe space and make a net by tying a piece of string or yarn from one chair to another. If you're feeling creative, you can use some cardboard scraps to create paddles and start practising those serving skills! Feel free to change up the rules and incorporate kicking or head-bumping to add some more fun.

Laser maze. Turn the hallway into a maze by tying some yarn from different heights. Challenge your little one to make it all the way through without touching the string. If you have different coloured yarns, assign movements or exercises to each colour so that your toddler builds up a list of actions to perform at the end of the maze.

Crab carry. The beach may be off-limits today, but you can bring some beach fun indoors with this activity. Teach your little one to walk like a crab by placing their feet and palms to the floor while raising their stomach to the sky. See how long they can walk around in this pose and add soft items (like a toy or bean bag) on their belly to practise their balance!

Whether you're Jenga-exercising or freeze-dancing, always be sure to supervise your little one during playtime. Remember that if your time and energy allow for it, these games and activities are always more fun with two!

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