What to expect

What’s happening to my baby?

At week 32, your baby is doing so much growing that they need to sleep for most of the day. Their movement might become more controlled now and regular, and this can be a welcome change for many.

Your baby is growing some serious hair on their head, and their toenails and fingernails are hardening. With lots of practice moving, breathing and sucking their thumbs, your baby is preparing for the outside world – and with this comes an ever-increasing chance of survival in the event of a premature birth. They might even have assumed the head-down position in anticipation of this occurring.

What’s happening to me?

Your uterus is probably at the highest point it will be during the pregnancy, and you will notice it continue to drop in anticipation of childbirth. Braxton Hicks contractions will continue as they prepare your body for labour. Your specialists will advise of any signs to look out for in case a premature birth is likely to happen.

Your blood volume has by now doubled its pre-birth levels, and with it comes the need to maintain a high iron intake and be gentle when brushing your teeth or blowing your nose.