Silly Billyz - Bibs


Bibs are a necessity for feeding time. While most bibs look the same with a piece of cloth in the front and two strings to be tied at the back, you can get something completely different. If you want something that is more than a bib – something that makes your little one look more stylish, try Sill Billyz.

These bibs are not just stylish, they will remind you of the Wild West. Your little baby will become a Texan cowboy or cowgirl with these super stylish bandana bibs. And they are made of soft cloth that is very absorbent. Babies often spit out milk or food while feeding. Keep them clean and tidy with style.

Check out our collection at Baby Bunting and you’ll see that these bibs are available in several colours and designs. We also have long sleeved bibs for self-feeders. Those messy eaters can’t get themselves dirty anymore. With Silly Billyz products, they will stay clean while the bibs take all the mess. Maintain their hygiene and help them stay clean with our stylish and absorbent products. Baby Bunting is the place to buy Silly Billyz bibs and other products. We have all baby products in our store and you can pick the items you like the best.



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